The World Financial Group, is a legendary group that only seems to exist as internet rumors and black market jokes. One day an accident befalls you and threatens to kill you. But alas you were saved by a man in a suit and hat. As you offer your thanks, he laughs and tells you that you are now indebted to him and his “employers”. He hands you a credit card with a strange emblem on it. He says he’ll be in touch and vanishes as if he was never there. The only proof is this strange credit card.

This game will be very loose and is not story driven, more character orientated. Sessions will be more individual orientated but all players are welcome to spectate and interact with each other in any way they see fit. (P-on-P interactions and the purposes of them are entirely up to the players and the way you meet each other is up to you)

Debtors of The World Financial Group